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Hello and welcome to Zumba Zoom! My name is Lucinda Muschialli and I am the proud owner of an Australian husband and four sons! Our third son Leo is very profoundly autistic. Leo absolutely loves the Mr Men and can usually be found bouncing about wearing a Mr Happy top!


My Story


Leo is a truly wonderful person and I am honoured to be his mum. However, as with any disability, there are challenges along the way. For nearly a year Leo was excluded from school as we fought a Tribunal to get him into the right placement. He is now 19 years old and very happy at St John's College in Brighton. 

Zumba Zoom raises money for children with special needs

Me with Leo, who absolutely loves the Mr Men - especially Mr Happy!!

Working With Amazing Staff and Amazing Children

I am now volunteering at South Downs Special Needs School in Eastbourne, working with young children with autism, developmental delays and communication difficulties. I absolutely love working there  - as Leo has taught me so much so I feel suitably qualified for the job! In September this year I will be training to become an Intensive Interaction Practitioner - a wonderful therapy to help engage with people with limited communication so I will be thrilled to add that to my skillset as well. The team I work with at South Downs are so inspiring, kind and caring with the children and I truly love being part of the team there. The awesome headteacher, Rachael Smart, used to teach Leo when he was there 14 years ago!! 

Dancing Through Challenging Times

And now onto Zumba. During the challenging times with Leo when he was out of school and facing extreme behavioural challenges and meltdowns, online dance classes were my absolute saviour!! They gave me such a boost for the day and helped me to restore my energy to care for Leo. I loved leaping about the sitting room and knowing that if Leo needed me I could be right there for him. We also lived in a very cold house so dance classes had the added bonus of warming me up!!! A few months ago I was spending a splendid evening with my dad where we have a fabulous weekly Frock Up Saturday, a weekly ritual we started after my wonderful mum died two years ago. Sitting in my evening dress while my fantastic father brought me a glass of champagne, with Leo bouncing around the house happily in his Mr Happy top, an ad popped up on my Instagram feed with electrifying salsa music and teachers leaping about with wide smiles, and it said 'How about becoming a Zumba instructor?' And like lightening I thought "YES! That's It! That's what I want to be!!". My very generous father agreed to buy me the training for Christmas, and I loved learning about all the different dance styles and planning my first playlists! 

All Proceeds Go To Charity

I knew from the outset that I wanted to offer the classes very cheaply so that as many people as possible could attend them, and I also knew that I wanted to give every single penny to charities which could help young people with autism. I have chosen to support South Downs School, where I volunteer, and Beyond Autism, a national charity. I really want to ensure that the classes are as cheap as possible so that people can attend them who really need a boost - of course the classes are for anyone and everyone, but I do hope that they provide some joy for any people who are carers of special needs children or adults, young families, older parents or anyone who needs a boost. Zumba Zoom is more than Fitness - it's Fabulousness! Dancing is such a mood booster and I so hope my classes help you to Dance Yourself Fabulous! 

Whatever Your Fitness Level, Wherever You Are!

Classes are live on Zoom and On Demand via so you can join me at any time from anywhere in the world! I am also a passionate hula hooper - so I have an extra challenge of the Zumba Zoom Hoopla challenges, where you do the whole Zumba class while hula hooping!

Thank You

Wishing you love and sparkles, and thank you for visiting Zumba Zoom

Zumba Zoom is sponsored by my father

Me, Leo and my dad, who is the Proud Sponsor of Zumba Zoom!

Zumba Fitness Instructor

Certified Zumba Instructor

I absolutely loved doing my B1 Zumba teacher training, and I am now a licenced member of the Zumba Instructor Network, which means I can bring you all the latest Zumba songs!

Live Love Hoop Licensed Instructor

Certified Hoop Teacher

In 2014 I trained to becoming a Hula Hoop teacher with the fabulous Jo Mondy from LiveLoveHoop. Jo runs amazing courses for hoopers of every level from newbie to super hooper! 

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To book an On Demand or Live Zumba Class visit my Zumba Zoom Instructor Page

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