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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Book A Class?
    You can book a Live or On Demand class on my Zumba instructor page here:
  • What If I Can't Dance or I've Never Done Zumba Before!
    It's no problem at all if you can't dance (or think you can't dance!) or haven't done Zumba before! The choreography in the Zumba classes can be quite fast, so the best thing to do when you are learning is to just focus on the leg moves or the arm movements to begin with. We do the same playlist every week for a month on Zoom (or you can replay the On Demand class on so you get to learn the moves as you go through the weeks and get to know the songs. The importance of Zumba Zoom classes ISN'T to get all the moves right, it's to move and have fun - so please don't worry if you don't get the moves right away! If in doubt: Step, Shimmy and Smile!
  • What If I Can't Hula Hoop?
    Well, it took me a very long time to hula hoop so just keep practicing! Follow Deanne Love's tutorials on to learn how to waist hoop, and also consider buying (if you don't have already) a fitness hoop like the ones on - these are quite heavy hoops which makes them much easier to simultaneously hula hoop and dance with. But it does take time to get it - don't worry, I still drop my hula hoop frequently!
  • What Type Of Hula Hoop Should I Use?
    Generally I recommend using a larger heavier hoop for my Zumba Hoopla classes. The heavier the hoop, the slower it spins so the easier it is to dance with it. I recommend: PowerHoop Slim £7 1.4 kg or 1.2 g with one link removed for Teens and Sensitive Adults - perfect for beginners. Use discount code Lucinda20 for a 20% discount! Or Power Hoop Light (£7) A lighter option, perfect for children and more advanced hoopers. Use discount code Lucinda20 for a 20% discount! Dance Hoops For a slightly lighter hoop I recommend the Beginner hoops from Jennie Brennan: or Flames and Games Ultra Grip Pro Hoops which you can buy on Amazon:
  • What If I Can't Come To Classes Live on Zoom?
    Don't worry if you can't come to my Zoom classes, I post new On Demand videos on once a month. If you are signed up for my Zoom class but can't attend, just whizz me an email at and I will make sure to send you a recording of the class so you don't miss out!
  • How Much Are Your Classes?
    When you book my classes on On Demand or Live you are prompted to pay £1. All proceeds go directly to Charity. If you would rather not pay each time but just Donate directly every once in a while, that's absolutely fine. You can choose to 'Pay in Cash' then type the code ZumbaZ and you will be able to access the classes. If you need any help with this just let me know. If you can't pay please don't worry, enter the code above join me anyway and I would love to have you in my class. For On Demand videos you pay £1 and then have 24 hours to watch the class. However you can also use the ZumbaZ code so that you can access the class for free. Any donation, however small, is so gratefully received and goes straight to South Downs Special Needs School and Beyond Autism - thank you!
  • What Is Standing Yoga?
    I have been practicing Standing Yoga for many years, as it is, for me, the perfect way to feel the benefits of yoga for the body and mind without having to change into leggings or get into a yoga mat! I also find it a wonderful practice to do when you are on holiday and have a nice view to look at!! In the classes we do a lot of Warriors, Balances, Twists and Bends for a truly rejuvenating experience! You can find my Standing Yoga classes on my YouTube channel
  • Any Other Questions?
    Please contact me if you have any questions which aren't answered here and I will do my very best to answer them xx

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To book an On Demand or Live Zumba Class visit my Zumba Zoom Instructor Page

To take a Standing Yoga class visit my Zumba Zoom YouTube Page

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