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Make A Donation


All proceeds go to Beyond Autism, a national Charity to help support and empower children and young adults with autism, and help schools and professional to support them, and South Downs Special Needs School in Eastbourne where I volunteer, working with fabulous staff to help support the wonderful children there.

To Donate a One Off or a Monthly Payment please just click on the link below and it will take you to my Just Giving Page - thank you so much for supporting Zumba Zoom!


Sponsor Zumba Zoom

Every penny which comes into Zumba Zoom via my Classes and JustGiving Page goes straight to Beyond Autism and South Downs. My family support me to cover all costs for web design, marketing, travel and business expenses. If you would like to be a Zumba Zoom Sponsor and contribute to these costs I would be so grateful! In return I would love to give you a free Zumba Zoom t-shirt, water bottle or mug - whatever takes your fancy! And of course a snazzy Zumba Zoom logo to put on your website  and social media so you can tell everyone how awesome you are!! Just click on the PayPal Link below to give to Zumba Zoom and choose Friends and Family to avoid PayPal charges. You can donate as a one-off, or as a monthly supporter. 


Thank you so much for your support, it truly means the world to me xx

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