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Welcome to the Hoopla Challenge! 


The Hoopla Challenge is when you take my normal Zumba class and add a Hula Hoop!!


I run two classes per week on Zoom (Mondays and Fridays) one new class per month On Demand on and they are £1 - when you buy it you have 24 hours to watch the class. You can buy the class as many times as you like (and remember, every £1 goes to charity!) 

There Are Two Variations Of The Hoopla Challenge:

  • 50:50 Hoopla Challenge 
    Switch between waist hooping for one song, then hold the hoop for the next song!

  • Hoopla Challenge
    Waist Hoop for the whole Zumba class while dancing

Class Timetable

  • Hoopla 50:50 - On Demand 
    One class per month

  • Hoopla Challenge - On Demand
    One class per month

  • Hoopla 50:50 - Live On Zoom 
    One class per week, Mondays at 4.30pm UK time

  • Hoopla Challenge - Live On Zoom
    One class per week, Fridays at 11.30am UK time


It takes a little while to get used to Hooping and Zumba dancing simultaneously, so please give yourself time to adjust! You can just focus on moving your arms or your legs, rather than both at the same time. You can always put the hoop down and join in the class just dancing if you'd prefer! It took me a few months to be able to hoop and dance so don't despair! Just keep practicing!

Join The Zumba Zoom Hoopla Challenge

What Type of Hoop Should I Use? 

Heavier and larger fitness hoops are best because they are a little slower which makes it easier when dancing, as they don't fall down so easily! I use this Fitness Hoop:

Power Hoop Slim (£7)

1.4 kg or 1.2 g with one link removed for Teens and Sensitive Adults - perfect for beginners. Use discount code Lucinda20 for 20% off!





Power Hoop Light (£7) 

A lighter option, perfect for children and more advanced hoopers. Use discount code Lucinda20 for 20% off!




What Type Of Hoop Moves Do We Do?

For this class, waist hooping is the only move we do. If you find it hard to waist hoop for the duration of the class, you can just hold it while you do the dance moves. Waist hooping and dancing is hard to get the hang of! But be patient! You will get there - it just takes practice (it took me years of practice to get there, but it's fun learning!)

Can I Use A Dance Hoop?

Absolutely - you can use a lighter dance hoop however a lighter hoop is a bit trickier with some of the dance moves so it might take longer to learn, but you can always move from waist hooping and hold it while you do some of the moves - Weaves, Isolations, Halos and Mandalas lend themselves very well to Zumba! 

Want To Learn Hooping But Don't Know Where To Start?

Please let my lovely friends help you!

Arghh I Want To Hoop But I Just Can't!

Please let me help you! I was the worst hula hooper in my class when I started but now I love it so much I hula hoop every day! Let me know if you would like any help or advice or a one-to-one session to get you started (no charge) or if you need any advice at all! 

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