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Dance Yourself Fabulous


Making a Positive Impact In A Positively Fabulous Way!

Thank you so much for visiting me at Zumba Zoom! I run Zumba, Hula Hooping and Yoga classes, and all proceeds go to South Downs Special Needs School in Eastbourne where I volunteer, working with fabulous staff to help support wonderful children. I would so love for you to join me in my classes, which are available On Demand and on Zoom! Classes are for everyone of every age and fitness ability - just join in with as much or as little as you can and most importantly -  Smile and Have Fun! 



Zumba Classes

Join me Live On Zoom and On Demand for 35 minute fun dance workouts! I run two Live classes per week on Zoom and have On Demand classes available too - everyone welcome of every age and fitness level!

Zumba Hoopla Challenge!

Ready to take your Zumba to a new level?? Join me for the Zumba Zoom Hoopla Challenge! I run two Live classes per week on Zoom, and one new On Demand class per month. 35 minutes of non-stop hooping fun!!!


Standing Yoga

Need a rest and recharge from all the Hooping and Dancing? Why not try one of my Standing Yoga classes! Classes focus on flexibility, breathwork and mobility exercises, to rejuvenate mind and body!

Contact me for any help, advice, or one-to-one tutorials

Zumba Zoom Proudly Supports


South Downs Special Needs School

Proceeds from Zumba Zoom classes go to South Downs Special Needs School in Eastbourne. The school supports young children with autism, speech and language difficulties and complex needs. The School is graded as Outstanding by Ofsted due to the exceptional quality of education and care they provide. I volunteer there twice a week and am training to be an Intensive Interaction therapist to help support children with their communication skills. It is such a pleasure for me to work with all the fabulous staff supporting these incredible children who have so many challenges in their lives.


Thank you so much from all the staff, children and families at South Downs for helping support Zumba Zoom

Beyond Autism

Beyond Autism is a non-profit organisation which delivers education to pupils across London from Early Years’ to our Post-19 Provision. In addition, their Outreach and Training Team provide support across the country stretching our reach far beyond London. They recently launched a Fast Responder Service to support schools to help prevent placement breakdown.

Beyond Autism work tirelessly to positively change the lives of autistic people, their families and the communities in which they live. They do this by creating positive educational experiences, training for the professional team around a child, and information, resources and support for families and carers. 


Our vision is to ensure autistic children and young adults access an education which empowers a life full of choice, independence and opportunity


Book Now

To book an On Demand or Live Zumba Class visit my Zumba Zoom Instructor Page

To take a Standing Yoga class visit my Zumba Zoom YouTube Page

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